Spanish Inquisition.

"What is your constant?" quipped Dean today during dinner. I looked at him, quirked my head to the side and asked "what do you mean by constant?"

"You know, something that hasn't change. Something that is yours from childhood till now," he explained. He had that look on his face again. Its like pity. Yeah poor me for asking the definition of constant.

"No," I said curtly. I wasn't trying to be rude, I'm just wanted to avoid this topic.

"Oh liar. How about that childhood home?" he asked.

"I don't have one. Even in Denver, my family manage to move around six times there. Its not constant,"

"Ok. How about friends? You do have one from childhood till now yes?" he innocently asked. Times like this, when he asked innocently, I just want to punch him.

"No. Each time I move, there will be a new friend, and the old ones before would lost contact with me," I replied nonchalantly. Dean stared at me, that look on his face appeared again. Pity. He reached for my hands and as he about to touch it, I pulled away.

"How about family?"

"You know very well whats going on." I looked away and stared at the family of other tables. I'm glad that they looked happy. Time must have past quite a long time because when I looked back, Dean already paid the bill.

"Hey. You know I hate it when you pay for me," I said when catching up to him at the car. I shut back the driver's door when he opened it. He sighed and held up his keys. "Fine, as punishment you can drive. Just try not to speed. Please, for the love of all that is Holy"

I smiled and gave him a hug. It took him off guard because he just stood there and let me hug him. I didn't care that he didn't respond, all I wanted at that time was a hug.

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