Remember back when I rhyme?
with the moon and the sun,
I was laughing, playing, anything
And it was less for a dime.

But remember how suddenly everything taste like crime?
Washing sadness with the spoon and the gun,
I hated something, everything, anything
And I wanted less time.

Now, I found myself wanting to rhyme
for someone is making me swoon and so fun,
I am smiling, living, trying
And I need more time.

I don't give a damn.

I don't give a damn,
When the clothes are stacked not according colour scheme,
When the door left slightly ajar or
when someone left the cap off the tube of cream.

I don't give a damn,
When my feet ache,
When my lungs are constricted or
when my fingers start to shake.

But I do give a damn,
I do,
I do,
And it all comes back to you.