Not a genius.

He looked at her sleeping body next to him. He put on a pants and dragged his feet towards the kitchen. He mumbled some thoughts out loud. He was still perplexed to her request. He took out some cans and chips. He sat in the darkness of the kitchen with only the dim light from the refrigerator that he never even bother to close tightly.

"What is this Jannah she talks about?" he mused after downing the fourth Guinness.


Hush now, hush.
For I have a secret.
I swept it under the rug
but Johnny came and pull the plug.

Be still now, still.
For I have a secret.
I buried it in the backyard
but Michael just had to tell the guard.

Look at me, look.
For I have a secret.
I nailed it behind the wall
but Adam was listening to the call.