Her eyes blinked and she immediately squinted. Apparently its the afternoon. Rays of sunlight that shines through her window annoyed her till she fumbled her lazy hands and reached her sunnies on the bedside table. She plopped it on, smiled a lazy smile and just stared at the ceiling. "It's gonna be a good day," she thought. 

She lied motionless, still with the silly grin and day dreaming her perfect day. A rumble in her tummy set off a small giggle. And what would be perfect for her this fine day, you may ask. Ice cream. All she wanted was ice cream.

Then she got to thinking. All she wanted is ice cream right. But here is what is going on in her head. 

Scenario 1
She got to the ice cream parlor and it is closed.

Scenario 2
She got to the ice cream parlor, but they do not have her favorite ice cream. And she just had to settle with the second favorite which she hated for choosing that.

Scenario 3
She got to the ice cream parlor, they do have her favorite ice cream but then she got to thinking, what if that other ice cream that she didn't choose was better?

Scenario 4
What if ice cream is not really the food that she wants right about now?

Scenario 5
What if what she really wants right now is just freaking rice and veggies?

Yep, multiple scenarios. She let out a groan and started pulling her hair. It won't be a good day after all. And naturally of course, she started thinking about thinking. "This is one head even Leo would have trouble in doing the inception thingy," she mumbled.

 A soft knock on her door stopped her from deliberately making herself bald. She rolled herself out of bed and opened then door. There he was, her favorite ice cream in hand. 

Daddy Told Me Too.

Yeah, like what the tittle said.