How I ruined The Dark Knight Rises

***contain spoilers***

When I first got my car, I was in the mood to decorate it so it wouldn't be that crappy. So I took my Justice League mini dolls and place them on the dashboard. I was stupid, poor Green Lantern almost became a blob with the heat we faced in UUM.

The arrangement of the dolls often changed. My friends, depends who have the sticky hand, would always put Superman or the Martian Manhunter upfront of the V formation. For me, it was always Batman. So as you might as guess, I could not wait for what Mr Nolan had installed  for the trilogy.

I was excited. Bouncing up and down in line for the tickets. Rambled on and on how I cannot wait till midnight so we can watch the movie, while my sister rolled her eyes. Took pictures of the tickets, whatsapp-ed it to Min with a lot of smiley faces and she in turn rolled her eyes too. Then comes midnight, I marched into the cinema with this big fat grin even though I was denied of my popcorn! So yeah, ecstatic.

So this movie, that was probably gonna be the only highlight in this God awful months of unemployment ends up meh. Why? Because I predicted too much.

There was a scene where Alfred said how much he wanted to look up and see Wayne and other half happy, and I said to myself that is gonna be ending scene. Guess what, it was!

Even when Miranda came up in the picture, getting it on with Wayne, I predicted that she was bad news, probably link to Bane. And she was! All the time when they trying to figure out who ratted them out, I was pointing to her.

That climb Bruce Wayne had to take to get out of the prison, I whispered to my sleeping brother that he had to not use the rope to get out. And yep, I was right.

When Batman was in the flying contraption, and he said no auto-pilot, I said bullshit. He's Batman.

The dudes in twitter intentionally tweeted to me that Batman gonna die. Even when they showed Bruce Wayne's grave and a crying Alfred, I still said bullshit. He's Batman.

And there's more....... but I'm lazy to elaborate. As far as the script and the plot goes, it is gonna be a long discussion. But in my own unimportant, not worthy to be quoted opinion, I was more giggly with Batman Begins.

Anyway, by the end of the movie, since I practically got to predict almost half of the scenes, it didn't have enough fizzle to get me grinning. I got out of the cinema saying well, it was good and hoping Joseph Gordon-Levitt got his own franchise or maybe like the rumors circling around, Nightwing. But the other patrons were smiling and commenting how they never would've guessed, their mind blown, it was the most awesome movie of the year so far, hailing Mr Nolan as their King, yada yada yada. Oh how I envy them.

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