Coffee and Donuts

Now I don't know how this is true but I had been told that I sabotage everything that could be good for me, and that was coming out from a Psychology Major. The only reaction it got from me was a quirked eyebrow and a nervous "yeah, no."

That apparently did not satisfy the said Psychology Major, who was passionate enough to use every schematic knowledge she had acquired after years of hard studying to experiment on me. Big mistake I might add.

She sat me down, got me a cup of coffee and donuts and told me "Come on, amuse me a bit. Let me figure you out,"  I'm all for people to figure me out so I figured why the hell not. I should have warn her the effects of coffee on me, especially when donuts are in the equation, but I'm a firm believer of experience is the best teacher.

She asked me lots of questions which was textbook Psychology. I swear if she had a mustache, she'll rub it while she thoughtfully consider my answers. When she asked me about my dreams, I amused her with details that gets her red and flushed. I mean she was asking for it.

By then, the sugar was high enough for me to ramble mundane details of life. It was fun, coz it was all about me, me, me for once. But curses! the giggling started and my jigged was up. She sighed and asked, if I do this a lot. I smiled and told her that there is nothing to figure out.

Towards the last sip of my coffee, after we abandoned the whole let me experiment on you session I told her what I gathered. She has a bit of wiggling her pinky when picking up the coffee mug, she scrunched up her nose before biting her donuts and that she fiddle way too much with her necklace. Yes Min, I love you too :) hehe

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