What's inside?

Good morning.
I want my coffee now.
Oh wait, I'm not allowed coffee.
What's that pain?
Just ignore it. Time for shower.
Oh shit, that limb was not supposed to swell.
Meds, meds, meds.
Time for school.
Breathe in, breathe out.
STOP hyperventilating!
Kids are watching, act cool.
Why is that pain still there?  I took my meds!
Oh its gone now.
Time to text my baby.
Oh he misses me. Cute.
Send lots of kisses.
Suddenly I feel depressed.
Ow, ow, ow.
Time to go home.
Housemates cook so good.
Dammit I can't eat that.
Why can't you cook good with stuff I'm allowed to eat?
Meds, meds, meds.
Skype with baby.
Everything is fine, I'm OK.
My head is throbbing, but goodnight.

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Anonymous said...

Apa rasa sakit? Dia buat awak ingat mati tak?