Like it was nothing.

My right hand was trembling again today. The others saw it. I hid it under the table, as they pretended to look away and busying themselves over nothing.

It won't stop, the trembling. And I had to continuously squeeze my hand and held it tight, trying as I can to make it stop. But it won't.

Tears were forming and they started to notice. No one moved though, and I was glad.

So I did what I can do best. I slammed my hand hard on the table.

Everyone looked. I laughed and said there was a cockroach.

They gave me a nervous smile. Eyes still checking my hand.

It stopped trembling.

So I stood up from my table, beamed a big smile and walked out the staff room.


sydka said...

One of the most kooky writers I'd come across. Heard what had happened, I know you're a tough girl. Cool it with the dark humor, you're scaring the kids away. Thanks for reviewing the story and the zine we sent you. I do hope your blog get more views.

ieraLEE said...

It was a pleasure helping out writing those scenes.

Making fun of the situation helps. Ergo, more deadly lame jokes. This blog was never meant to be on the spotlight, shall we enjoy that please? :)

Anonymous said...

I adore you and i do love you.