He left hastily, but not before handing me an envelope. I stared at his figure till he was nowhere in sight. He looked fat nowadays. Guess he really is happier. Geoff, the waiter gave me a small smile as I fiddled with the envelope.

“Well open it,” said Geoff as he walked past me towards the restroom. He adjusted the frame that holds my napkin as it was askew. I wonder if I really can ask the owner if I can have the napkin back. Then maybe I can have this elaborate ceremonial burning. And everyone can wear black. I'll pay people to cry over it. 

I sighed and looked around. A group of friends talking animatedly, a couple in a vomit-inducing love scene, an awkward guy looking very awkward with a stranger trying to talk to him, parents busying themselves on the latest gadget. Boring. Life is getting boring.

I shook my head and focused on the envelope. I slowly tear the ends and took a peek inside. There was a ring and a letter. It read:

I’m sorry. I bought this last year for you. I want you to have it. I still love you, but we just not meant to be. So I was thinking  Probably would be best if

That bloody bastard. 

"So..?" Geoff asked. He got that little twinkle in his eyes. Excited maybe. 

"He didn't finish writing it"

"Actually my dear, he did," said Geoff with a sigh.


Anonymous said...

cepat ah siapkn manuscript.

ieraLEE said...

kuang ajaq, kat sini pun ko nak pester ira. Gi main jauh haha