That was the plan.

You were supposed to wear the customed dark grey with micro white stripes suit, a white shirt with a navy tie. Your shoes would shine and your socks matched. Your hair was to be swept back and you would wear the copper watch I gave you.

I was supposed to be wearing a navy kebaya made out of real songket with a nude colour Mary Jane's. My hair was to be pulled into a french bun with a braid on one side. I was to wear the copper watch you gave me.

Then we would celebrate our sixth year, with our scrolls in our hands.

That was the plan.

And now, here I am looking at gold French Lace and ruby red lining still undecided whether to make a kebaya or baju kurung. I still am going to have my hair pulled into a french bun and wear my nude colour Mary Jane's. I already tossed away the copper watch you gave me.

I plan to avoid you.


MohdIzwan said...

I dunno y but I feel like crying..

ieraLEE said...

Oh come on! Its just an outlet, relax. Tersedar semalam hehe

MohdIzwan said...


Anonymous said...

Serious do klu ko nk depress emo balik aq tampar ko. Jgn ah mcm ni. Min.