Feet thumping.

Min invited me over today, seeing as I have nothing better to do. It's weird being in her apartment. It didn't suit her and her bohemian ways at all. It's all structural and steel. Without having to ask, she answered that it was all her husband's doing. Min being Min, ushered and fussed me to her studio and that is where all Min's aura exploded. Feathers, fringes and tie-dye. Now that is the Min I knew.

We talked a bit and finally Min decided I should listen to the stuff she's been fiddling with. I always had butterflies when Min decided to play her song to me. We had a thing where both of us would lay down and listen to her masterpiece, as I would call it, and she decided that if my feet were thumping (her words not mine) it's a good song.

She made about 7 songs. And I love each one of em. Min had a quirky way of putting weird lyrics in her song like "it was your toes, it was always your toes baby" It got me laughing and rolling around. And not only that, she serenades her favorite blue dress telling it to make beautiful blue skirts. I love the fact not everyone gets to listen to em.

We talked till her husband got home and played the piano for us. Min got out her phone recorded us doing the most horrible rendition of Paper Bag. She told me to stop listening to sappy songs and loaded my iphone with her own. Min decided then she wants to "decorate" my hair with feathers.

"Too bad its all going to fall off soon," I muttered. The reality of everything made us quiet and Min stopped playing with my hair.

Min then created me a song about my hair.

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